Considering Teranga Ranch for an educational appearance at your school, place of employment, or other organization? Use our Presentation Request Form to let us know what you want, and we’ll contact you to discuss the details! Below are some typical types of presentations that we offer.

Backyard Wildlife & Pet Safety

Our most popular presentation is Backyard Wildlife and Pet Safety.  Depending on the venue (we can present inside or outdoors!), we have a slide show and fun props.  The presentation covers the natural history and behaviors of local native wildlife as well as humane vs. inhumane  backyard wildlife deterrents. We also talk about rodenticide and humane traps. We demonstrate humane hazing techniques and cover other ways to insure pet safety.

Coyote Meeting

Is your community seeing more coyote activity?  Would you like to better understand coyotes?  Are you interested in learning how to keep your pets safe? Invite Teranga to your homeowners association meeting, neighborhood council meeting, or even just a meeting of the block or neighborhood.  We’re here to help!

Native Wildlife In-Depth

We can present for any length of time, but usually 2-3 hours.  Topic possibilities: Rodents, Songbirds and Raptors, Reptiles, Skunks, Opossums, Raccoons, Bobcats, Coyotes, Bears and Mountain Lions.

We can talk all about one member of our local wildlife community, like Mountain Lions, for the entire time.  Or we can mix it up for you.  Maybe you’d like a Coyote/Raccoon combo?  Maybe you’re more interested in Bears and Mountain Lions?  It’s up to you!

Summer Camp

Join Teranga this summer while we learn about local native wildlife!  We hike and track, we create a nature journal, we draw, and there are games and hands on activities galore.  Ages 8-12 (call to discuss special situations).  One week long, 9am-12pm Dates and locations TBA.

School Programs

As a credentialed Biology teacher, Dana can tailor a school program for you based on the California state standards and the goals of the teacher and classroom.  Some of the general themes we’ve covered in the past include:

• Wildlife Education
• Environmental Responsibility
• Backyard Wildlife and Pet Safety
• Adaptations/Survival
• Food Chains and Eco-Systems
• Animal Defense
• Camouflage
• Reptile physiology

Birthday Parties

Let us help your kids discover your backyard in ways they never dreamed of.  Watch kids become field naturalists as they learn about wildlife tracks and signs, play games, and uncover secrets about local native wildlife!

Animal Control Officer Training

Would your Animal Control Officers benefit from more information about local native wildlife? Let us come to you!  We cover: most individual members of the local native urban wildlife community, differences between urban and rural wildlife, challenges dealing with wildlife in the city, rodenticide, humane trapping, the role of wildlife rehabilitators, humane wildlife deterrents, and humane hazing techniques.  

Corporate Training

Step out of the corporate training box and get wild with Teranga! We’ll take your team outside (when possible), talk urban wildlife- who it is, and how to humanely coexist, have some laughs and play some thought provoking games!