Urban Wildlife Center

Teranga Ranch is a 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to wildlife rescue, rehabilitation, education and animal issues in the community. One of our goals is to build a local Urban Wildlife Center here in the foothills of the Angeles National Forest. Our nearest nature centers are: Stough Canyon in Burbank (10 miles away), and Eaton Canyon in Pasadena (22 miles away). Our nearest wildlife center is in Malibu (38 miles away). We, the residents of the Angeles National Forest adjacent areas need a wildlife/nature center nearer to us. This will be a place where families can come to learn more about their local wild animals and plants, and will serve as a corridor for local wildlife.

What will the Teranga Ranch Urban Wildlife Center have?nativeplants

  • All non-native plant life will be removed from the property. Native plants will be labeled where possible, with interesting facts about them on interpretive signs throughout the property.
  • There will be self-guided interpretive nature hikes and tour-guide led hikes at various levels of intensity each weekend.
  • There will be both permanent and temporary non-living exhibits in an educational building. This building will be about 6,000 square feet. It will also have classrooms and an auditorium style seating situation. There will be a small kitchen and bathrooms.
  • There will be a “kitchen” building for animal use only. This will be a small building, probably 750 square feet.
  • There will be a Baby Animal Rehabilitation Center. Thousands of animals become orphaned, or injured yearly. Many can be returned to their wild homes with just a little extra care. This benefits the entire ecosystem. This center will be 500 square feet.

What will happen at the Teranga Ranch Urban Wildlife Center?

Education. We will have schools in on field trips. We will have mobile units that go out to schools. We will have wildlife professionals come to teach classes both to other animal professionals aowlhospitalnd also to the public. We hope to be a training center for the Department of Forestry and the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Wild animal rehab will be going on all the time. From squirrels to raccoons, from western fence lizards to red-tailed hawks…. we will care for those in need of extra care.

Employment opportunities! We will hire a small team of professionals to deal with all the day-to- day activities… we’ll need animal rehabilitators, educators, vets, and administrative assistants. We will strive to hire from the local community whenever possible.

Volunteer Opportunities! We will welcome volunteers from all walks of life to help us in every area! We will have a volunteer coordinator and we plan to run mostly on this volunteer help.

Coalition building. We are going to try to bring all the like-minded organizations in the Los Angeles area together to try to work together. Perhaps we can all distribute the same information about mountain lions, etc… something that is unified. Together we can make a bigger difference.