Wildlife Rescue and Exclusion


Urban wildlife exclusion
We will come out to your home and help you figure out what your wildlife issues are and how to best deal with them.  We can help you humanely exclude almost any wildlife from your property.  If for some reason we are unable help, we will refer you to someone who can.


We will help retrieve wild animals and transport to licensed rescue facilities.  If we cannot help we will direct you to the correct contact information for your situation.

We work with local wildlife rehabilitators to trap injured or ill wildlife (including reptiles).  We work with community members if they are having an animal issue.  We work with community leaders to solve chronic or widespread wildlife issues.

If you cannot reach us and you are experiencing a wildlife situation that you require help with, please contact either California Wildlife Center (310) 458-WILD HOTLINE (option #2) or Wildlife Care of Southern California (805) 581-3911.