Gifts that Save Wildlife!

Do you have a wildlife lover in your life? Consider giving the gift of saving local wildlife in the name of a loved one this year through our Teranga Ranch Wildlife Gift Packs or Teranga Ranch Wildlife Experiences!

$5- $5,000 “Donation-Only” to Help Wildlife
General donation to help save local wildlife features beautiful local wildlife image and note of thanks for caring about local native wildlife.

$30 Gift Pack A: Stocking Stuffer Bundle
Donation to help save local wildlife! Teranga tote, Humane Hazing Device and Wildlife Thank You Card.

$60 Gift Pack B: Teranga Wildlife Deluxe
Help save local wildlife! Special Edition “Teranga Wildlife” Water Bottle, Teranga Ranch Tote, Humane Hazing Device, Wildlife Holiday Card.

$85 Gift Pack C: Trap-n-Transport
Sponsor a rescue! We get calls to bring injured or orphaned wildlife to local licensed wildlife rehabilitators. Sometimes the wildlife is already contained, sometimes we have to locate it or get it from an inaccessible place. Sometimes it happens in the middle of the night! We will email you pictures of this when it happens! You will also receive the Wildlife Deluxe Gift Pack (B).

$125 Gift Pack D: Wildlife Mission
Sponsor a wildlife-saving mission! We get calls to help humanely harass raccoons from attic or backyard, getting peacocks to move on, etc. We’ll personally email you pictures of these as they happen.  You will also receive the Wildlife Deluxe Gift Pack (B).

$250 Gift Pack E: Wild Classroom Visit
Sponsor a Wild Classroom Visit to a local school classroom (or a classroom of your choice within Los Angeles). Our wildlife specialist will go to the classroom to educate the students about the natural history and habits of their local wildlife and let them know how to react if they encounter wildlife. We will email you an update of this when it happens. You will also receive the Wildlife Deluxe Gift Pack (B).

Running Teranga Ranch costs money and it’s difficult to raise! WE NEED YOUR HELP! We will announce your name as a sponsor at EVERY event we do this year. You will also receive the Wildlife Deluxe Gift Pack (B). Further, invite a friend and join us as our guests on one of our Educational Field Trips!

Starting in 2018, Teranga Ranch will begin offering Experiences and Educational Field Trips!


$100 Monarchs and Marine Mammals  Saturday, January 27, 2018
Travel with us to destinations along the Southern/Central CA coast to see and learn about monarch butterflies, sea lions, elephant seals, and other CA coastal wildlife.

$70 Tule Elk and California Living Museum Saturday, February 24, 2018
Travel by bus to the Tule Elk Preserve in Bakersfield to experience the Tule elk and hopefully the burrowing owl.  Then we’ll trek over to CALM (California Living Museum) to see and learn about an amazing array of local native wildlife… from badgers to mountain lions!

Spring Babies! Saturday, March 2018

Batty for Bats! Saturday, October 2018

And more!
There will be many more Educational Field Trips, our goal is one per month.  Depending on the length of the field trip, food and price options will vary, so be sure to keep in touch!

In your backyard…..

$50 Backyard Wildlife Deterrents– Private Consult in your backyard to discuss your wildlife situation and give recommendations.

$50 Backyard Camera Capture!We’ll put one of our wildlife cameras in your backyard for the week, and give you the memory card to see what comes through when you aren’t there!

$125 Backyard Bats– Find out which bats live in your backyard! Our wildlife specialist will come to you (Los Angeles Area) for 45 minutes of local bat education and an informal backyard bat survey using our new, super high tech bat locator. Up to 10 people can be in attendance.


  1. For online donations, send your donation via Paypal to If you are buying a gift pack, indicate the letter of the gift pack in the message.  If you are buying a Teranga Ranch Experience, use the message “EXPERIENCE” and we’ll contact you to schedule it right away.  If it’s a Teranga Ranch Educational Field Trip, use the message “FIELDTRIP” and indicate date and/or title of trip.
  2. Not online? Mail your check to Teranga Ranch PO Box 4222 Sunland, CA 91041 and write your gift message on the message line (as described above).