Foothills Area Animal Resources

Los Angeles Animal Services- East Valley Shelter
(*found cats and dogs, animal adoptions, other local animal issues)
888-452- 7381

California Wildlife Center
(*found injured or orphaned wildlife- when you call, leave a message,
although they are located in Malibu, they have the info for our local rehabbers.)
310-458- WILD

Los Angeles Animal Services- SMART Team
(*small animal rescue- cats up trees and powerlines)
888-452- 7381

Animal Cruelty Hotline
(*animal cruelty situations)
213-486- 0450

(*spay/neuter feral cats)
818-524- 2287

Best Friends
(*animal adoptions: cats/dogs/bunnies)
818-643- 3989

(*found injured or orphaned rodents)
805-498- 8653

Teranga Ranch
(*snake removal, reptile rescue, local wildlife sightings/questions, wildlife education)
818-305- 4377

Animal Specialty Group
(*specialists- pricey but incredible- for situations your own
vet cannot handle or emergency vet- open 24 hours)
818-244- 7977

Sunland Tujunga Animal Lost and Found
(*Facebook page to help w/lost and found pets)

If your favorite organization is not here, there may be a reason, or we just didn’t know about it. Please
help us expand this list with your suggestions!